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Moscow Labour Movement Conference on Authoritarianism Nov 3-4 2012


“Labour movement and left-wing forces against authoritarianism and totalitarianism: our past, present and perspectives for future” November 3-4, 2012, Moscow The conference will be organized at the initiative of Confederation of Labour of Russia (KTR), Scientific, Information, and Education Centre “Memorial” and Global Labour Institute (GLI), with the participation of the Research and Education Centre […]

New WIEGO Handbook on Organising in the Informal Economy


Just published online by WIEGO:  The Only School We Have: Learning from Organizing Experiences Across the Informal Economy Compiled and edited by Christine Bonner and Dave Spooner. This handbook is a resource for those organizing informal workers in any sector, though it is based on the organizing experiences in (mainly) four groups: domestic workers, home-based […]